Located in the heart of West Hollywood’s iconic Sunset Strip, the 8850 Sunset Project is a dynamic, modern mixed-use space for residents, tourists and entrepreneurs – creating a whole new way of experiencing West Hollywood.

For West Hollywood. For the world.

  • Reflects the City’s commitment to diversity, equity, sustainability and reactivation of the Sunset Strip

  • Elegant, modern design by the internationally acclaimed architecture firm, Arquitectonica, drives the renaissance of the Sunset Strip as the epicenter of culture and innovation in Southern California

  • West Hollywood’s first five star boutique hotel

  • A reimagined Viper Room preserves a local legend for generations to come

  • Visionary public plaza and widened sidewalks reactivate the iconic Sunset Strip as a pedestrian-oriented, urban gathering place

  • Well-appointed new affordable and market rental homes help meet the region’s housing demands and builds a sense of community

  • 21st century sustainability inside and out replaces outdated, less-efficient buildings with LEED standard design and native, drought tolerant landscaping

  • A new rooftop conference/event space provides meeting options for groups of all sizes – making West Hollywood one of the most desired locations for meetings and gatherings

  • Significantly increases city tax revenues, enhancing West Hollywood’s exceptional city services

  • Creates new living wage jobs for underserved communities reflecting West Hollywood’s commitment to social and economic justice

  • A central breezeway/paseo leads through the building to a tranquil-urban park area creating an oasis from the Sunset Blvd.

Exceptional Homes.
Extraordinary Views.

8850 Sunset Sunset is a new address in one of Southern California’s most desirable destinations – West Hollywood – in one of the city’s most iconic neighborhoods – the Sunset Strip. Home to 62 market rate units and 16 restricted-income units – all with terraces and extraordinary cityscapes – these beautifully appointed homes address the region’s housing demands. They create a sense of community that encourages diversity and an enhanced quality of life.

Inspired Wellbeing.

Every residence at 8850 Sunset Sunset meets or exceeds LEED sustainability standards with a wide range of shared amenities – including a fitness center, rooftop pool with panoramic views, and below-ground valet parking. These amenities, along with 6 options for eating, drinking and entertainment right outside their door, inspire a “greener,” healthier lifestyle.


  • Helps the regional housing shortage

  • Generates a new source of property tax revenue for the city

  • Adds to the neighborhood with a new community of residents invested in the city

  • Provides a “green living” experience with recreational spaces for a healthier lifestyle

Come Together.

8850 Sunset creates an exciting gathering place that not only reinvigorates the block, but the entire Sunset Strip.


  • Reinvigorates the Sunset Strip with exciting new places to meet friends, neighbors, and associates to eat, drink, and engage

  • Creates the Sunset Strip’s most unique conference and event space, attracting people worldwide


Street level restaurants: 8850 Sunset provides multiple restaurants and smaller café spaces, which will offer something for everyone – and for every occasion. With plenty of indoor and outdoor dining, 8850 Sunset is the perfect place to catch up, celebrate or conduct business.


Rooftop dining with epic views: At the hotel’s rooftop, a restaurant and bar with panoramic views from Downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean feature world-class cuisine and a curated bar program.


The Viper Room: 8850 Sunset makes possible the rebirth of this iconic music venue, ensuring it meets today’s entertainment standards and remains part of the Strip’s music scene for years to come.


The Strip’s Most Unique Conference and Event Space: Whether for a family celebration, local community meeting or a international conference, this adaptive space offers a new level of connection, technology and utility to gatherings of any size.

A Reimagined
Viper Room.

The legendary Viper Room has long been an anchor for the Sunset Strip’s renowned music scene – a place where up and coming bands are discovered and those who are famous play. 8850 Sunset brings the Viper Room to today’s entertainment standards with an exciting new design that honors its past and looks towards its future.

Entering on Sunset Boulevard, the Viper’s ground floor includes a memorabilia exhibit space to showcase the Strip’s rich history. The downstairs concert area is an updated, state-of-the art music space for today’s music scene.


  • A distinctively gray-colored walkway, which plays upon the venue’s original distinctive color scheme, showcases the venue’s Sunset Blvd street-level entrance

  • Modern soundproofing keeps the music inside – not out in the neighborhood

  • Memorabilia from the original Viper will be featured throughout the venue

  • A larger stage, superior acoustics and stellar sound equipment, create a better music experience for performers and concert goers

  • A cutting-edge recording studio

For a Staycation or a Destination Vacation.

West Hollywood’s first and only five star hotel will bring elegance and world-class luxury to the Sunset Strip. Steps away from world famous bars, restaurants, nightclubs, galleries and clothing boutiques, the hotel reactivates the pedestrian-oriented culture of the neighborhood.


  • At only 90 rooms, the hotel offers visitors an intimate experience

  • Adding a successful, sophisticated international brand to 8850 Sunset creates a new economic driver for West Hollywood by generating millions of dollars in hotel bed taxes

  • Rooftop restaurant and bar with epic views open to the public

Designed for
the Future.

Designed by the award-winning, internationally acclaimed architectural firm, Arquitectonica, 8850 Sunset brings elements of the new urbanism movement. Its low-slung proportions define this important block of Sunset Boulevard. Cars are deemphasized and pedestrians are prioritized along Sunset. The center of the building has been opened to provide a publicly accessible breezeway to an outdoor terrace, providing a place for respite and encounter along the busy Sunset Strip. The building defines its block and activates the sidewalks with activity and history.


  • Elegant and modern design with an innovative use of materials, geometry, pattern and color

  • North facing light-filled residences and hotel rooms designed for indoor-outdoor living with continuous flowing balconies that create a unique design of light and shadow play when viewed from the street

  • The energy-efficient, contemporary design meets or exceed LEED standards throughout

  • Innovative drought tolerant landscaping featuring California native plants

  • Widened sidewalk and central location encourages walking, not driving

  • LED-lit glass panels of different sizes provide undulating visual movement along the ground-floor plane adds a uniquely dynamic architectural element to the design

About Arquitectonica

With offices in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila, Lima and Sao Paulo, Arquitectonica is a major presence on the international stage. From its inception in 1977, Arquitectonica has received almost instant attention and acclaim from critics and the public alike, due to a bold modernism that was immediately identified with a renaissance in Miami’s urban landscape.

Arquitectonica continues to push the limits of design with its innovative use of materials, geometry, pattern and color to introduce a new brand of humanistic modern design to the world. Well-known projects by the firm include the Microsoft Europe Headquarters in Paris, the Bronx Museum and Westin Times Square in
New York, Festival Walk and the Cyberport Technology Campus in Hong Kong.

Bernardo Fort-Brescia

Co-founding Principal

Bernardo Fort-Brescia is a founding principal of Arquitectonica. He studied architecture and urban planning at Princeton University and received a Master of Architecture from Harvard University, where he later taught. In 1977, he founded Arquitectonica with a group of young architects. Bernardo has designed well-known, world class mixed-use public buildings in major cities around the globe.

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